White Palm Tree Candlestick – Medium
White Palm Tree Candlestick – Medium
White Palm Tree Candlestick – Medium

White Palm Tree Candlestick – Medium

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Handcrafted wire and glass bead white candlestick.  

These unique handmade wire-beaded candlesticks were created for us by the Bro’s on the Road initiative in Cape Town, South Africa. This initiative was established at the beginning of the pandemic to raise funds for a community of talented street vendor artists who were unable to leave their homes or work as a result of the country’s five-month lockdown. Through generous donations from around the world, Bro’s on the Road was able to provide vital support for 47 families during this period.

As the lockdown eased, the street vendors returned to their usual spots at the city’s traffic intersections. But with the absence of tourists and the rise of remote working, sales remained dismally low. In response, Bro’s on the Road founder Marguerite Mavros Macdonald came up with some new designs for the beadworkers that would appeal to a wider audience and that could be sold through different channels.

The range has since grown to include these striking palm trees, which we are proud to have as a part of our collection. Each piece is handcrafted by local artisans in the Bro’s on the Road community. Not only do these pieces have a special story, but they are a truly gorgeous addition to any home – beautiful for your dinner table or simply as a decorative statement accent in your kitchen or living room.

Origin: Cape Town, South Africa                                            
Dimensions: Height: 33cm
Materials: Wire; glass beads
Care: To remove excess candle wax, place a piece of paper or foil underneath the candlestick. Use a hair dryer on high heat to soften the remaining wax, which will either evaporate or drip down to the piece of paper or foil below.
Note: Because our palm tree candlesticks are handmade, variations will naturally occur from item to item.