Sea Green Woven Cotton Throw
Sea Green Woven Cotton Throw
Sea Green Woven Cotton Throw

Sea Green Woven Cotton Throw

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Your classic 100% cotton throw, featuring a sea green knitted design, was spun in Punjab.

The use of cotton in India can be traced back to 3,000 BCE. The Romans, who traded with India during antiquity, considered Indian cotton to be an expensive luxury commodity, on par with silk. In more recent times, cotton became a symbol of India’s independence through its association with Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi promoted cotton spinning among impoverished rural communities as a means of self-reliance and political resistance.

Originally, cotton was spun using spinning wheels, allowing it to be woven on either hand or foot looms. While spinning and weaving methods have advanced significantly in recent decades, modern cotton products in India still carry the material’s rich history and cultural significance. Your beautiful throw was made with care and is designed to last a lifetime.

Origin: Punjab
Dimensions: Length: 170cm; Width 130cm
Materials: 100% Cotton
Care: Machine-Wash