Rectangular Mother-of-Pearl Tray — Coral
Rectangular Mother-of-Pearl Tray — Coral
Rectangular Mother-of-Pearl Tray — Coral

Rectangular Mother-of-Pearl Tray — Coral

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Handmade mother-of-pearl inlay and resin tray, featuring a coral geometric design.

Your rectangular mother-of-pearl tray, featuring an intricate geometric design, is a work of art that was made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen in the province of Uttar Pradesh. It is a timeless piece that brings the opulence and elegance of the great maharajas of northern India to your home.

The art of mother-of-pearl inlay was developed by skilled artisans across India some 500 years ago, for the purpose of embellishing royal thrones and the doors of courts and temples. The expertise involved in this delicate art form has been passed down intergenerationally for centuries, and modern-day inlayers use the exact same techniques that their forebears did.

The process of creating each tray in our collection spans several days and requires at least three dedicated artisans. After the mother-of-pearl is thoroughly cleaned and sorted, it is carefully cut into the delicate shapes required for the design. Then, it is attached onto the wooden tray with expert precision, creating the desired pattern. Finally, the grooves are filled in with resin and the final product is buffed and polished to perfection.

Origin: Near Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh
Dimensions: 35x13x4cm
Materials: Mother-of-pearl, resin, wood
CareWipe with damp cloth
Note: Because our trays are handmade, variations will naturally occur from item to item