Matchbox Cover — Purple
Matchbox Cover — Purple
Matchbox Cover — Purple

Matchbox Cover — Purple

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Handmade resin inlay matchbox cover, featuring a purple geometric  design.

Your inlay matchbox cover, featuring a striking purple geometric design, is a work of art that was made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It is a timeless piece that brings the opulence and elegance of the great maharajas of northern India to your home.

The art of inlay was developed by skilled artisans across India some 500 years ago, for the purpose of embellishing royal thrones and the doors of courts and temples. The expertise involved in this delicate art form has been passed down intergenerationally for centuries, and modern-day inlayers use the exact same techniques that their forebears did.

Origin: Jodhpur, Rajasthan                                             
Dimensions: 13x8.5x4.5cm
Materials: Resin, wood
CareWipe with damp cloth
Note: Because our matchbox covers are handmade, variations and slight imperfections will naturally occur from item to item.