Anika Basket Bag
Anika Basket Bag
Anika Basket Bag

Anika Basket Bag

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Handwoven jute basket bag with 100% cotton lining, embellished with a handmade jute tassel.

Your beautiful Anika basket bag was designed and crafted entirely by hand in Panipat, Haryana. The bag was constructed using braids of jute, carefully hand-stitched together, and its rich daffodil yellow color tone was achieved by screen-printing the jute strands.

Jute is known in India as “the golden fiber”, on account of its silky golden hue. It is a natural fiber extracted from the stem of the jute plant, which grows in West Bengal, where our jute is sourced. Once extracted, the fiber is spun into thick, strong threads that can be used for multiple purposes. Jute has been cultivated and used for at least 3,000 years and is referenced in the ancient Sanskrit epic the Mahābhārata. During the period of Mughal rule in India, villagers used to wear clothes made of jute and also used the fiber to make ropes and twine. Jute is still widely used across India today, which is a testament to the incredible resilience, versatility, and timelessness of this material.

Dimensions: Width: 45cm; Height: 30cm; Handle drop: 20cm
Materials: Basket: 100% Jute; Lining: 100% Cotton; Tassel: Jute
Origin: West Bengal (jute), Panipat, Haryana (handiwork)
Note: Because our basket bags are handmade, variations will naturally occur from item to item