NAMA Story

NAMA is a mother–daughter range of carefully curated accessories and home furnishings.

We are two women with a shared love of travel, design, diverse cultures, and beautiful things, and every item in the NAMA range is infused with that love. 

The seed for NAMA was planted during a trip we took together to India in 2018. We felt inspired to share the nuggets of beauty that we came across with a wider community of people who would be able to derive as much joy from them as we do.

Our current collection pays homage to India, as well as to our birth continent of Africa, whose artisanal heritage is equally majestic and extraordinary. All of the pieces in the collection were made in collaboration with local businesses and talented craftspeople, who draw on centuries-old traditions and use region-specific techniques to produce their elegant wares. In many cases, pieces are constructed by hand, with great care, making them inimitable in the truest sense.

Woven into each NAMA piece is a tapestry of stories: the story of the piece’s production, the story of the people who helped create it, the story of the place it comes from.  

You will find some of these stories here on our website and on the postcards you receive with each purchase. 

Finally, though, there is the story of what your NAMA piece will mean to you, its newfound owner. This last story is yours to write. 

Thank you for sharing in the NAMA story. 

With love,

Natasha and Mathy