Blankets to keep you warm this winter

There is no better way to keep warm at home this winter than with one of our wonderful throw blankets from India! Adding a throw blanket to your home not only keeps you warm but also makes your home feel cosy. We love curling up on the couch with a cosy blanket on a winter's day, a cup of tea and a beautiful candle burning, is there anything better?

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Our blankets are made from either cashmere or cotton and are both equally soft and warm. They are the perfect piece to add to your home this winter!

Adding a throw blanket to your living room or bedroom is a wonderful and easy way to add texture, colour and pattern to your space. The warmth of a blanket can also help create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. It is a simple and easy accent piece that can add life to a room.


Once you've chosen your new cosy throw blanket from NAMA there are so many easy ways to style it! Here are a few tips and ways that we style ours.

Casually draped on a couch or chair - we love this look to create a relaxed, easy vibe. Adding a couple of our handloom woven ikat cushions perfectly completes this effortless feel.


Neatly folded over the back or arm of the couch or on an ottoman creates a more polished look. When folding the blanket make sure you can see any decorative detail such as a fringe. 

Our basket bags are a fun, easy and different way to store your blanket! The basket easily becomes a multipurpose item and adds a little extra texture to your space. Make sure to drape a part of the blanket out of the basket to complete the look.


Lastly, the bedroom! We love both of these ways to style your new NAMA throw blanket in your bedroom and often switch between them.

You can either neatly fold your blanket across the bottom of the bed to create a luxurious cosy look. Or if you’re often grabbing your blanket and prefer a more relaxed look it can be easily draped across the foot of the bed.

Our throw blankets are the perfect winter accessory for your home to keep you warm and cosy.

Let us know which blanket you choose and how you decide to style it in your home!

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With love,
Natasha & Mathy